What are you really capable of, whats holding you back?

-New Habits?
-A sense of ownership?
-Some direction?

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Looking for better performance at work or at home?

Ross make’s sure that he engages with his audience, and that the message is always clear.
Success is defined by you and only you.
One 2 One coaching gets into the specifics of the individual. Working to design and implicate a bespoke plan focusing on the needs and requirements of you, the individual.

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Looking for better performance at work or at home?

Why Ross does what he does?

From his time as a teacher, coach, trainer and mentor Ross’s message has remained the same.
“Create the opportunity for the individual to maximise their potential”

That means finding the content, the method and the delivery that is personal to the individual.

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Why Ross does what he does?

What does Ross do?

Ross takes his experiences of performing at a high level in sport, competing at 3 Triathlon World Championships and multiple half and full Ironman events, coupled with his time with the Royal Marines and raising a young family and being part of a caring and loving relationship with his wife to provide the backbone of his philosophy for learned mental and physical skills.

Focusing on 6 key life dimensions, looking at where you are right now versus where you want to be!
-Health and Fitness
-Family and Community
-Psychological Wellbeing

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What does Ross do?
Who is Ross Cooney

Who is Ross Cooney

First and foremost, Ross is a father and a husband.
Born in 1982, Ross is the eldest of 3 boys who definitely kept their parents on their toes.
Physical activity as been the enabler for Ross throughout his life. A Basketball scholarship meant he was able to continue his education at university level, where he met his wife Sarah. Continuing with the physical theme Ross qualified as a teacher of PE, and then alongside a full time job completed his Royal Marine Commando training in 2014. Throughout his professional career Ross has always sort out the individual potential of all that he has worked with, contributing to his own personal goal of

“Having the Greatest Positive Impact on the Most Amount of People”

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